martes, 6 de noviembre de 2012

El primer peruano en el espacio, publicado en la antología "The Apex Book of World SF 2"

 "The First Peruvian in Space," by Daniel Salvo, is by far one of the most powerful and astonishing ironic turns I have ever read in a story, and it accomplishes this by developing our expectations about colonialism and racism before turning us on our ears. 

Ben Godby, Strange Horizons


I have many, and obvious, reasons to enjoy Daniel Salvo’s “The First Peruvian in Space”:
Anatolio Pomahuanca had reason enough to hate whites. Hundreds of years ago they had invaded and conquered his world and reduced his forebears to the sad condition of serfs or second-class citizens. There were historic changes like independence wars, rebellions and revolutions. But, be it as it may, whites were still those who ruled and decided everything in Peru and throughout the rest of the world.
The captain belonged to the worst: those who believed there was already a harmonic conviviality between whites and natives as a result of centuries of history that had erased past wounds.
The plot twist weakens rather than strengthens, though I suppose without it the story would’ve been too obvious. 
Acrackedmoon,   Requires only that you hate

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